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We’re changing our name.

For eight years now you’ve known us as Pharma Insight. And, as people who are always ready to question accepted best practice. And to challenge orthodox thinking.

So it won’t surprise you to know that we’ve been questioning some of our own best practices lately. And challenging some of our own orthodoxies as well. Not to change what we do. But in search of a better expression of who we are.

As well as a stronger claim to the standards that we set. Because where others pursue excellence, it has always been our point of departure.

So now we’re simply pi. The people who see excellence as a minimum standard.

It’s where we’ve always stood and what we’ve always stood for. So we’re happy not just to put our name to it. But to make it a part of our identity too.

Patrick Leyseele
Managing Director


pi excellence

pi is a global integrator of excellence to some of the world’s leading life science companies. From our origins as a trusted supplier of regulatory and technical support we’ve grown to become their strategic partner of choice.

We’ve grown to be bigger by learning how to be better. Better resourced to focus our faculty of practitioners’ singular experience and knowledge. And better managed to share their depth of understanding. Better prepared to challenge orthodox thinking. And better able to redefine accepted best practice.

To accept no other standard than excellence.

From our offices in Belgium, the US, China and India we run a lean structure for a flat world.

Thinking globally and acting locally.

Integrating excellence to the people, processes and products of the life science industry. And balancing international knowledge management with local technical and regulatory expertise.

We stand in a different place. And we always have done.

Our engineers, pharmacists, scientists and IT specialists are not simply bodies for hire. They are valued members of a faculty of knowledge. And each is recruited, selected, motivated and rewarded as such.

The company was founded in 2004 by Patrick Leyseele, a consultant engineer, to provide practitioners in the life science industry with dedicated support systems, professional training and empathetic management.

From the outset our priority has always been on the recruitment and retention of the best practitioners regardless of whether or not they match the needs of a current project.

Because it is their knowledge, experience and understanding that allows our clients to trust in our excellence.

And enables us to grow our business in a culture of honesty and openness.

Almost all of our practitioners choose to work as our employees.

They are sharp minds and safe hands. People who thirst for knowledge and hunger for success. They are attracted by our reputation and culture and by the professional opportunities that we are able to offer.

They are managed, coached and trained by fellow practitioners.

And all have recent experience of working in a quality control, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, research and development, industrialisation or manufacturing environment.

We match practitioners to projects and not vice versa. We do not subcontract projects and since our inception we have always chosen to limit our growth rather than accept anything less than excellence.

We enjoy the lowest staff turnover in our industry.

Above all else pi provides knowledge. Our practitioners are recruited and selected on the basis of the depth of their proven knowledge in their specialist field.

Our culture encourages knowledge management among and between our practitioners and our clients. And pursuit of the fresh knowledge that our search for lasting solutions demands.

We offer project based, platform based and outsourcing services.

pi enjoys a strategic alliance with the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Specifically we provide project based, platform based and outsourcing services in: commissioning, qualification and validation; industrial and operational excellence; regulatory support and auditing; QA and QC support; IT consultancy; strategic consultancy and training.

Where others pursue excellence, it is our point of departure. A pi constant whatever the scope or parameters of the project.

It is our minimum standard and one that we rigorously apply to our search for the best total solution at the best total cost.

On every project and for every client.

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